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The Singapore 1000, Singapore SME 1000, Singapore International 100 awards are conferred to corporations and SMEs which have attained the highest achievements in the quantitative management of their companies.

Each year, 16 Singapore 1000, 20 Singapore SME 1000 and 10 Singapore International awards will be presented in the following categories:-

  • Sales/Turnover Growth Excellence Award in 8 Industries
  • Net Profit Growth Excellence Award in 8 Industries

  • Sales/Turnover Growth Excellence Award in 8 Industries
  • Net Profit Growth Excellence Award in 8 Industries
  • Promising SME Award (4 categories) - Crossing $10 million, $20 million, $50 million and $100 million

  • Overseas Sales/Turnover Excellence Award (5 awards)
  • SME Overseas Sales/Turnover Excellence Award (5 awards)

From 2014, the key sponsors, ANZ Singapore and DHL Express Singapore will be presenting the following 2 accolades:-

  • ANZ-S1000 Global Growth Excellence Award
  • DHL-SME Global Growth Excellence Award

The Steering Committee, with representatives from DP Information Group, EY, ACRA, IDA Singapore, IE Singapore, SPRING Singapore and Singapore Business Federation, examines the financials and business profiles of corporations/SMEs and reserves the right to award companies/SMEs, which the committee concurs, is most deserving of particular recognition of the Singapore 1000, Singapore SME 1000 or Singapore International 100 award.

To be conferred a Singapore 1000, Singapore SME 1000 or Singapore International 100 award, companies must be profitable within the ranked period. Corporations who experience gross negative growth will not be considered for an award. Additionally, companies that have failed to practise accurate and timely disclosure of corporate information to shareholders, and maintain updated information in ACRA’s Register, such as information pertaining to the company’s management and its members and place of operation etc., will be removed from consideration for an award.

Companies that have received the award in the same category for 3 consecutive years will not be considered for the subsequent 2 awarding years. Instead, such companies will be conferred with the Honorary award for the first year.

In particular, the Steering Committee will also examine the following elements:-

  • The profile of the shareholdership and the ultimate shareholders;
  • The nature of the company’s core business;
  • Any recent/currently reported information that affects the standing of the company; &
  • Adherence to corporate governance
SBF-DP Productivity Ranking - Login

SBF-DP Productivity Ranking is a new initiative between Singapore Business Federation and DP Information.

The objective of this initiative is to produce a ranking of companies in Singapore based on their productivity measurements/performance. For the inaugural year, DP Info had assessed around 7,000 companies from the pool of the Singapore 1000 and SME 1000 ranked companies within 12 industry verticals.

The primary measurement for this Productivity Ranking is calculated based on labour productivity which is widely used as the overall measurement of productivity. Labour productivity or value add per worker is computed by Value- added / Total no. of employees.

Upon successful login, you will see your company's labour productivity value in comparison with the 25th, 50th and 75th percentile in your industry. Percentiles values here show a company's performance relative to other companies within the same industry. For example, if your company is in the 75th percentile, your value is higher than 75% of the other scores. If your company is at the 50th percentile, you are at the midpoint.

All data is based on information as available in DP Info database.

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