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Towkay Talk: The Future Of The World Is In Its Classroom Of Today

Live your passion and belief. People are the strongest assets any company can have and Mr David Kwee, CEO and Founder of Training Vision Institute can certainly attest to that.

Towkay Talk: From Market Player to Creator

The future is looking fantastic through the eyes of Mr Derrick Yap, CEO of PBA Group (PBA). Painting a vivid picture of a robotics training centre that is in the works, Derrick tracks back to...

Towkay Talk: A Phoenix Arising - Sunray Woodcraft

The story of Sunray Woodcraft Construction is one of rebirth, perseverance and togetherness. Amidst the talk of expansion, innovation and social responsibility, the family-run business pursues...

Towkay Talk: People-powered Innovation

At Jovan Tech Pte Ltd, innovation and standards are key drivers of the business. Mr Jerome Lee, Managing Director of Jovan Tech, believes in establishing standards, constant risk assessments, the...

Towkay Talk: Finding The Edge To Lead

Some say life is about balance. So are businesses. From a company at the cusp of a sunset industry 15 years ago, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd (Leeden NOX) is now amongst the nations top 1000...

Towkay Talk: The Transformational Antidote

With a knack for trend-setting ideas, Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals has come a long way from its days as a family business and a traditional wholesaler to the trade-partner that it is today.